Over the years, a lot of custom bike houses in India have tried to replicate these choppers with their own iterations, based on existing production motorcycles. However, as India opens up to more expensive and personalised choice of motorcycles, it is Avantura Choppers that promise to fulfil your American dream. No, this isn’t your Royal Enfield engine in a new body shell, but a new Indian bike manufacturer that intends to take on the Harleys and Indians of the world. The young company is building authentic American choppers in India and got a spin in its newest creations.

The Design

The Rudra and Pravega from Avantura share the same underpinnings but differ largely in design. The Rudra is closer to home when it comes to the authentic chopper design and equally intimidating as well. The wheelbase at 2180 mm is glaringly long and the massive front wheel and fat rear wheel are anything but subtle. The length stands at 2908 mm, which is as long as an entry-level car, thanks to the massive rake of 38-degrees. The Rudra stands out between the two offerings and certainly packs an appearance on the road.

Avantura Choppers Rudra and Pravega

The Avantura Pravega, on the other hand, is more in-line with the standard American cruisers. It stands tall over the Rudra with a raised handlebar, teardrop fuel tank, while a massive alloy wheel continues to serve purpose at the rear. Just to give you perspective, it’s slightly like the Harley-Davidson Dyna Softail and the one you will find easier to adapt to once on the saddle. However, the Pravega is much larger compared to the Dyna with a length of 2627 mm and a wheelbase of 2006 mm. The Rudra and Pravega use a 21-inch wheel up front and a massive 18-inch with a wide 280-section tyre at the rear, and there is absolutely no dearth of chrome on either offering for those wanting to make a statement.



Avantura Choppers Pravega

Avantura Choppers Rudra

Technical Data

Both the motorcycles have been plonked with a Promo 6 Speed Transmission by Rivera. The transmission shifts precisely but lacks feel especially when upshifting. The short ride that we got on the Rudra, it kept showing false neutrals on the instrumentation. Funnily, this wasn’t an issue with the Pravega even though it has been fitted with the same transmission. That being said, on both motorcycles we had to struggle to get the N to illuminate when at standstill. Clutch action is heavy too and driving in traffic can be quite a painful affair.

Engine – Avantura Rudra

Engine – Avantura Rudra

Engine – Avantura Pravega

These motorcycles are powered by an air-cooled 2,032cc V-twin motor. Since they are currently in the process of being homologated by ARAI, Avantura Choppers haven’t given us the peak power and torque ratings. Thumb the starter and the engine comes to life with a loud roar. The engine has a very mechanical feel to it much like some of the Harleys. There is ample of grunt in its low range to make overtaking an absolutely easy affair. The Rudra tips the scale at 344kg while the Pravega is 347kg but even then, the engine doesn’t struggle to gain speeds. Being a high displacement air-cooled unit, the engine heats up pretty quickly. Although the bikes we rode weren’t fitted with heat shields near the foot pegs and on the pipes, Avantura Choppers says they will be fitted on customer motorcycles.

The Ride

Let’s face it, both these motorcycles are extremely intimidating to look at, especially with those large wheels it comes fitted with. But once the motorcycle is in motion, it isn’t exceedingly difficult to manage. Of course, you can’t expect it to handle like a cruiser but for what it is, the Rudra and the Pravega are both rather easy to manage. Avantura Choppers has also managed to get the riding posture absolutely right. The ergonomics are absolutely comfortable with everything from the handlebar, pegs to switches well within reach. Riding them for long hours will be quite easy as long as you find long stretches of open smooth road. The Rudra and Pravega aren’t motorcycles you’d want to ride on rough roads. The limited suspension travel and the stiff springs mean that your lower back knows the depth of every pothole on the road.

Avantura Pravega

The Avantura bikes use six-piston calipers at the front and rear sourced Beringer of France. The company makes brakes for aircrafts and provided these massive units for the Rudra and Pravega. There’s no ABS though, but Avantura says it will be there before the legislation mandates the same on all bikes by 2019. The brake feels though leaves a lot to be desired. The front brake does work well but also comes across as wooden. The rear though is more feedback rich in comparison, which is likely due to the rear weight bias. The bikes use Avon Cobra tyres that offer phenomenal grip, while the ground clearance of 150 mm ensures that you won’t be scraping the underbelly on some poorly designed speed breakers.

Price Tag

Avantura Choppers has launched the Rudra and Pravega at Rs 23.90 lakh and Rs 21.40 lakh respectively. The company will commence bookings of both the offerings at the upcoming India Bike Week later this month. The motorcycles will be delivered three and a half months from the booking date.

Both choppers are powered by a 2,000cc, air-cooled, fuel injected motor that’s developed by US based, S&S Engines. In fact, a number of components have been sourced from international manufacturers.  Beringer braking systems, Primo suspensions, Mustang seats, Kellermann lights and Avon tyres are some of the component manufacturers for Avantura Choppers.


Both the Rudra and Pravega are extremely good looking motorcycles and live up to the expectations as well. The paint quality is immaculate and barring a few minor issues with the build quality, there isn’t really much to complain about. Avantura says that it will iron out the finishing touches on the customer spec motorcycles. Both bikes get front set foot pegs, which can be adjustable up to three settings depending on your height.

On the left though is the chrome ignition box fob. You need to turn it clockwise to turn on the bike. It also includes a built-in alarm that will be activated at the hint of the slightest movement. A handy feature for when the curious hands come close. 

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