Mahindra Scorpio indeed continues to be the manufacturer’s most popular SUV since its 2002 launch.  The second generation Scorpio was launched in 2014 which has only helped its fan base grow stronger, as apart from being a butch SUV the Scorpio is now also a more comfortable, plusher family vehicle. Mahindra has just addressed the issue while also sprucing up the Scorpio’s looks.

The Design and Look

The  Scorpio’s front end when it came out in 2014, particularly with the fangs on its grille. The fangs are gone now and have been replaced by a simpler looking 7-slat grille that leans more towards a ‘family’ look. The headlights, front bumper and skid plate get mild design changes as well while the fog lamps now get a chrome housing. Changes to the front end are thus not too extensive, though the difference can be noticed immediately particularly thanks to the new grille. The intake continues to take its place of pride on the hood, and certainly adds to the macho appeal.

The roof rails are exactly the same, and continue to look very appealing. Changes to the rear include a redesigned tail gate, though again the changes are just about enough to distinguish the refreshed version from the older one. Of course, current owners will be quick to notice the change in the contours, even though the new design continues with sharp edges. The tail lights get minor revisions as well, as do the aero vents on either side of the rear windscreen.

The Interior

Changes inside are limited to revised upholstery and a leather wrapped steering wheel and gear lever. The  touchscreen unit as it is the same as before. The screen’s positioning could have been revised as part of the current update as well. The Scorpio now gets a reverse parking camera and while the resolution is good, using the display is a chore given its low placement, particularly in harsh light. We have also liked some more space on the driver side door panel, as there’s a nice indent for the arm when in the driver’s seat but the space between the indent and the window sill isn’t enough to move your arm freely.

The Power

The biggest changes are under the hood though. The Scorpio’s 2200cc, inline four cylinder, mHawk engine gets a new Borg Warner turbocharger that has helped in bumping power and torque figures up. The new Scorpio now offers 140PS produced at 3750rpm now as opposed to 120PS produced at 4000rpm earlier. Peak torque produced stands at 320Nm, offered from just 1500rpm as compared to the 280Nm produced 1800rpm onwards earlier. Variants have also been changed, and engines and performance will vary variant wise.

The base S3 variant will use the 2.5-litre m2DICR engine producing 75PS, while the S5 and S7 variants will get the mHawk in the same state of tune as before, offering 120PS and 280Nm. The S7 will also be offered in the 140PS trim though, along with the new top of the line variant, the S11. The more powerful S7 and the S11 also get the brand-new 6-speed gearbox, while lower variants will continue using the same 5-speed gearbox as before. We only drove the S11 briefly at Mahindra’s own test track, and the differences in performances were noticeable instantly.

The new gearbox comes with a self-adjusting clutch that Mahindra claims will offer consistent feel without calling for more effort over extended usage. The clutch pedal indeed called for very little effort while gear changes were more positive sans the older unit’s rubbery feel. While the reduced clutch effort should make for more comfortable drives in traffic, the positive shifts should offer a more engaging feel. The revised VGT makes for a sprightlier feel as soon as you start moving, as peak torque is now available earlier. The six-speed gearbox uses a new shift pattern too, and to slot into reverse you now need to push the lever further to the left beyond first. This is slightly confusing and will take some getting used too.

Price Tag

Variants Price (Ex-Showroom – Delhi) Price (On-Road- Delhi)
Mahindra Scorpio 2018 S3
Diesel, 2523cc, Manual
Rs 9.97 Lakhs – NA –
Mahindra Scorpio 2018
S5Diesel, 2179cc, Manual
Rs 11.62 Lakhs – NA –
Mahindra Scorpio 2018
S7 120PS Diesel, 2179cc, Manual
Rs 12.69 Lakhs – NA –
Mahindra Scorpio 2018
S7 140PS Diesel, 2179cc, Manual
Rs 12.99 Lakhs – NA –
Mahindra Scorpio 2018
S11 Diesel, 2179cc, Manual
Rs 14.79 Lakhs – NA –
Mahindra Scorpio 2018
S11 AWD Diesel, 2179cc, Manual
Rs 16.01 Lakhs – NA –


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