How to apply for a duplicate vehicle registration papers. Let’s find out the correct procedure for it.

CAR documents Wallet

It doesn’t matter if you have lost your papers or if it is damaged, one has to file First Information Report (FIR). As the owner of the vehicle is not required to sign the FIR, anyone can lodge it for him. The original copy has to be submitted at your zonal transport authority. You have to go online on your state transport department’s site and download two copies of Form 26, which is an intimation of loss or destruction of the Certificate of Registration and an application for the issue of the duplicate certificate.

The other documents required are the valid insurance policy with pollution under control certificate. As for address proof one can carry one’s passport, ration card or voter id. A copy of PAN card and pollution under control certificate are also needed. Now all the documents, excluding the FIR, have to be attested by an MLA, gazetted officer or notary public as these are photocopies and not originals.

After submitting all these documents, the entire process of getting the duplicate registration paper takes around 20 days, which can go to 30 days. During this time you can’t drive your vehicle. Unofficially you’ll be told to drive carefully so that you don’t break any rules and you won’t get hauled for showing your registration papers but officially it is very much illegal to drive your car. 

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